Windsor Wedding Photographer ~ Kerri & Jon’s Engagement Session

I love a different concept for an engagement shoot!  When Kerri and Jon told me they wanted to do their session on a boat, I was very excited!  In my head a was picturing some tiny little boat we would chug along on and much to my surprise we were lucky enough to have this beautiful speedboat at our disposal!  I met Kerri and Jon where the boat was docked and we set off.  While Kerri and Jon were on the speedboat, we were on another boat with Captain Keith and Luigi!  They were sooooooo wonderful getting us into the perfect positions for shooting this adorable couple.  I felt like I didn’t even really need to give them a whole lot of direction, they were so natural and obviously very in love, in front of the camera.  Things were going very very well until we decided to launch our drone.  I fully admit to not being the best pilot of the drone but I usually do okay.  Well…………the wind decided to take control of the drone over me and I had a very very tough time getting it back to the boat.  After around 10 minutes, we were running low on battery and the drone decided to race towards land at full speed.  Captain Keith and Luigi decided we were going to chase the drone, even though I had really come to terms with the fact that my drone was most likely going to end up in the Detroit river.  Now at a critically low battery, somehow the guys managed to literally snatch the drone out of the air just as the battery died!  Needless to say I owe them a case of beer or something!  After the dramatic drone incident, we continued with our session and got some beautiful sunset shots!  It is very obvious that Kerri and Jon are perfect for each other.  They laugh a lot ,seem to have lots of fun together and will have a pretty amazing life together.  We can’t wait to shoot your wedding next month!

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